Don't Rosa Ruiz Your Project - UXtopian
Experience Strategy for Products and Product Detail Pages (PDP)
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Don’t Rosa Ruiz Your Project

enter Congratulations you won the race, or finished the project – but where did you start? Do you know?

-Sometimes we don’t entirely know who we are designing for – fair enough.

-Sometimes we don’t know exactly where we are going – fine, fine and a good case for adopting lean methodologies.

-Sometimes we have no idea how we are going to get where we don’t know where we need to be – yep, welcome to the club.

But you need to know where you are now. This might mean page load time, hits to site, shopping cart abandonment or form drop off. You know what the finish line looks like. It’s that checkered flag sometimes disguised as profits, valuation or engagement. Without a true understanding of where you started you are cheating yourself and your users.

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