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You’re Going to Need to Wear Boots

sites When you go home tonight, put your bag down, do your Mr. Rogers thing and change into house clothes. But this time, leave the boots on – or put boots on if you have to – either way you’ll need boots. Next, find some groovy music. I recommend Massive Attack or Bowery Electric, anything without a ton of lyrics, or that reminds you of high school or is in 3/4 time. Head to the bathroom and grab a few towels, place them on the kitchen floor near the drawers and cabinets.
Now open your silverware drawer. If you have one of those utility-shit-collecting-random-utensil drawers, open that too. Pull the drawer out until it’s just about to snap the rails. Now here comes the moment of faith. I want you to pull the drawers all the way out and dump them on the floor into individual towels. You’re going to see corks, crumbs, tablespoons, toothpicks, spoons, knives, a broken #4 candle, a ketchup packet and the thermometer that only reads in celsius. I told you to wear boots.

Congratulations, this is day one of a UX/CS project.

Project Steps:

Step one: Toss the crap out.

Step two: Figure out if the drawer location is correct based on the flow of your kitchen. If it isn’t currently in the right place, locate the appropriate drawer location – pull that drawer out and dump contents onto the floor. Now repeat Step one.

Step three: Clean everything. Put things into piles. If a friend calls say you’re busy, “knee-deep in taxonomy, bro.”

Step four: Determine what needs to go back in the original drawer. If you had to empty other drawers, cinch up those towels and put them aside. These are out-of-scope projects you’ll need to address later.

Step five: Sketch out an insert tray that holds all the items in the orignal drawer. Get some cardboard, scissors and tape — mock-up and adjust until all the items fit and contain a hierarchy appropriate with usage.

Step six: Schedule a dinner party where everyone has to cook their own dish at your house. If they question you about the other towels and missing drawers, blame it on the landlord or your father-in-law. Watch how the drawer is used, take notes and after they leave adjust your mock-up.

Step seven: Make a final product keeping in mind future utensil purchases.

Step eight: Order take-out.

(This post was originally posted at EATagency)