About Britta - UXtopian
Experience Strategy for Products and Product Detail Pages (PDP)
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About Britta

I believe constraints bring freedom, process can be beautiful, and there’s always a way to make sense of chaos.

What I Do

I’m a user experience and content strategy professional focused on embracing the beauty of constraints. 10+ years experience delivering digital solutions that balance business goals, user needs, and technical constraints. Passionate about developing teams, improving efficiencies across disciplines, and delivering strategic, creative solutions to Fortune 500 companies and startups.  Learn more about me on LinkedIn or take a look at the previous agency I co-founded with my partner Ian.


  • Sprint 0: Discovery and Strategy

    Sprint Deliverable: A strategy brief that clearly outlines the problem you need the team to solve.

  • Sprint 1: UX Discovery

    Sprint Deliverable: A pitch deck with 3 or so concepts and how each aligns to the strategy.

  • Sprint 2: Active UX

    Rapid prototyping, collaborating with creative and technical folks, more prototyping. Sprint Deliverable: Presenting wires or prototypes to client.

  • Sprint 3: Active CRUX

    Once a core concept is selected, get creatives off and running. Work with functional analysts to determine all the edge states that need to be solved for. Consult with content strategists to anticipate impact to the CMS, taxonomy, or content models. Etc.

  • Sprint 4: Finalize CRUX

    Dot all the i's and cross all the t's as the team prepares to hand off final assets to the dev team. Get all final approvals from the client. Continue solving for edge cases. Sprint Deliverable: A walkthrough of the project, prototypes, and comps with the entire CRUX and technical teams.

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