About Ian - UXtopian
Experience Strategy for Products and Product Detail Pages (PDP)
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About Ian

"#UX is about relationships. Between content and design. Between back end and front end. Between users, stakeholders and practitioners."

  I have helped organizations manage change through product development and user experience. I build teams, untangle hairy problems and ship products. UX changes organizations through a partnership between experience strategy and design thinking. I believe in the power, and responsibility, of moving people on devices, in spaces and within companies. Learn more about me on LinkedIn or take a look at the previous agency I co-founded with my partner Britta.

Creative Direction

http://margerymayer.com/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker/leaflet-fullscreen.php?marker=6 I have managed design teams on award-winning campaigns, gotten my hands dirty in design sprints, pitched to the C-suite and mentored both designers and stakeholders.

Product Management

Experience developing cross-platform solutions for enterprise, SaaS and start-ups. I know what makes a good product and how to take to them to market.

Content Strategy

I have spoken about the importance of content strategy & UX since 2010. Speaking engagements at SXSW, CONFAB and Mobile Marketing Association.

Business Development

In addition to running my own agency for 9 years. I've recently managed UX on a $15m, Fortune 10 account delivering record profits and margins in 2015.

User Experience

I have managed the journey of 100s of websites: redesigns, migrations and MVPs. My focus on Transformative UX helps companies communicate (internally & externally) and users arrive.

Experience Strategy

I believe UX is digital topography for future proofing. I have developed a new design systems for Fortune 10 company, restructured product journeys, reoriented product roadmaps and reframed user experience to make difficult change, possible.

Running Design Studio