Experience Strategy for Products and Product Detail Pages - PDP
Experience Strategy and Design focused on product detail pages (PDP) and product journeys.
PDP, product detail pages, experience strategy, Ian Alexander, Britta Alexander
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My commitment to Experience Strategy as a cultural change initiative transcends wireframes and prototypes. I design digital solutions for clients by listening, simplifying and inspiring. This means I build teams, launch products and help organizations see things differently.  I transform the old guard, launch the brand new and help those in between find their digital way. My current focus is on product detail pages and product journeys where I have created design systems for Fortune 50 brands. I have spoken about User Experience and Content Strategy at: SXSW, IA Summit, Confab, LeanUX, the Mobile Marketing Association, among other design conferences.


As a user experience and content strategy maverick, Britta is skilled in balancing the needs of the user, the requirements of the business, and the nitty gritty of the technology. She believes constraints offer freedom and process can be delightful. Britta helps organizations believe in the power of understanding “why” and establishes best practices from scratch rather than adopting them from Google articles. Her current focus centers around CPG product detail pages and their leading journeys. Other recent projects include financial product design and the reinvention of a 90-year-old brand. Britta has edited best selling authors, launched award-winning magazines and helped startups grow-up.

What do we do

We are laser focused on helping enterprise organizations transform their PDP’s and product journeys with data-driven UX, design and content strategy. For 9 years we ran the digital agency, EatMedia, currently we Britta leads experience teams at Razorfish and Ian leads Experience Strategy and Design at IBM. Over the past 15+ years we’ve partnered to affect measurable change in products and process for Fortune 500s, startups, agencies and consulting powerhouses.

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